Advantages of aluminum plate complex

1. Characteristics of the advantages of aluminum plastic composite

Super-hard crust

– Advanced Coatings
– Non-toxic and safe
– Easy installation and construction
– Easy maintenance and environmentally friendly


2. Duration of warranty

– For plastic aluminum composite panels used in the home, the warranty period is 5 years
– For products PVDF outdoor use, the warranty period is 10 years
– However, the specific warranty period depends on the thickness of aluminum sheet
– Products with thicker surface layer of aluminum, the longer warranty period.

3. Specification

Plastic composite aluminum plate is a decorative sticker sheets including plastic multi-layer non-toxic molecule that underpin texture between 2 layers of high quality aluminum in the front and back of the whole structure. Polymeric layer is a key component of cohesion this particular structure.

To gain a solid structure, the manufacturer must not only ensure the correct specifications for each component of the structure but also ensures that the product manufacturing process under regulations.

  1. Aluminum alloy properties

Polymeric layer must be heated in a certain temperature limit, if the temperature exceeds the allowed tolerances, the texture will not be satisfactory. Class primary aluminum, high-alloy composition, quality decision for the product surface, the plastic does not contain harmful ingredients, ensuring safety for the user. In addition, various colors, beautiful surface determinants are highly aesthetic product.

4. Size Standards
– Dimensions: 1220mm x 2440mm
– Thickness: Thickness of plate: 2mm / 3mm / 4mm / 5mm
– Thickness of aluminum: 0.06mm to 0.50mm

Application: Making decorative facades for buildings, offices … The product is a new development in the diversified range of products serving the construction industry.

5. Structure of aluminum plastic composite
– No toxic polyethylene core
– Films covering macromolecules
– Foil
– Coatings
– Layer protection film Aluminum plate